Easy Sailboat Sunshade Canopy

An over the boom sailboat sunshade canopy, that’s easy to put up, easy to take down and stow away in a small package. Wow! Wouldn’t that be nice.

Unlike most of the sunshades I see that use PVC and tied to whatever to hold it in place and can’t be packed up and taken with you to your next anchorage. The Hoodie by Hoodlum Adventures is a welcome addition to the sailing community.

Getting out on the water will happen a lot more when it’s not so much of a chore getting ready. Enjoying your time anchored out depends on having some basic comforts, like shade from the hot sun, with you. Shade is one of the most basic comforts and protections. by Better Boating

Visit HoodlumAdventures.com and get all the details on the Sailor’s Hoodie.

Protect yourself and family from the sun or rain with your new Hoodie at the dock or on the hook. Protection from the elements is a high priority for better boating.


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