Jabsco Seawater Pump Bearing Press

Seawater pumps are designed to be serviced. But only of you have the right tools. In this article I show you what I used to disassemble and re-assemble my Jabsco seawater pump, model number 43210.

All of these pumps are basically the same. They may have different shapes but all have a shaft, bearings, seals and impellers. To service them you will have to have a bearing press/puller.

At the first sign of your pump leaking seawater start getting ready to tear it down. If you let it go too long a bearing could seize and roach out your shaft. At that point you might as well chuck it and get a new pump.

In my previous article I go through the rebuild process. Here is the tool I came up with to accomplish the rebuild.

Where To Get The Parts

There are three parts to this press. A wheel puller, a bearing separator. Both available online. And threaded bar stock which is available at any good hardware store.

You can probably get one of these inexpensive wheel puller kits at Harbor Freight and certainly on Amazon. The second part is called a bearing separator.

This part is a little harder to find at your local stores. For sure you can get it on Amazon.

The last, and most important part for the Jabsco pump 43210 is the threaded bar stock. The bolts in the wheel puller kit do not have a long enough reach to do the job. They may be adequate for some of the other Jabsco pumps but not this one.

To get the right size bar stock just see which bolt from the wheel puller kit fits the threaded holes in the bearing separator and bring it with you to the hardware store. Home depot and many others carry this threaded bar stock. Pick up nuts and washers to match the bar stock.

You now have all the parts you need to pull the bearings and pulley adapter and press it all back together.

Check out my article on re-building your Jabsco seawater pump #43210.

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