Jabsco Engine Cooling Pump And Replacement Parts

Update 3/12/21

About a year and 100 hours of operation after the pump rebuild a leak has developed. It appears the lip seal, which was not an exact match, has dislodged from its mount.  

I searched and searched and found a complete rebuild kit for a decent price, about $110. They have a limited supply and you can find it by Clicking Here

The kit arrives tomorrow. I’ll be performing the second rebuild this weekend and report back as soon as possible.

Best sources for Jabsco engine cooling pump and replacement parts

Deciding to replace or rebuild your Jabsco engine cooling pump will depend largely on the price and availability of parts.

There are a couple options for sourcing parts. The first, and easiest option is to purchase a kit offered by Jabsco. The second option is to find the parts yourself.

Buying a new pump is easy, fast and it’s really pretty. I found prices that range from about $360 to over $1,000. The lowest price was . . . wait for it . . .

On Amazon of course.

Not a bad price for this pump. Most vendors are charging in the mid $500’s to mid $700’s. At this price it might not be worth your time to rebuild. Especially if the shaft is damaged.

Like I said in my first article I wanted to be able to service my pump in case I was ever stuck somewhere. So I put together my own service kit and tools to do just that.

Finding Parts For Jabsco Pump 43210

Finding the parts to rebuild was no easy chore. I called around and visited a number of industrial supply stores. I finally found one that ordered the bearings and seal I needed.

The seal was the hardest to come up with. In fact, the seal I ultimately used was not an exact match to the original. The outside diameter and inside diameter (shaft) were perfect. The width, or thickness was .25″ instead of the original .30″.

Jabsco Pump 43210 Shaft Seal
Jabsco Pump 43210 Shaft Seal

My search for the original width was not complete but included catalogs and online sources. The result so far is that, after several hours of running time the pump is not leaking.

In the mean time the search for the correct size seal continues.

The next challenge was finding the correct size O-rings. There are two. And they must be the correct diameter as well as the correct thickness. I finally found a real hardware store (they’re getting harder and harder to find these days). They have an ample and well organized variety on hand.

With O-rings you simply have to take the old ones with you and match them up with the new ones in the store. Measuring an O-ring is pretty tough. At least for me it is.

The bearings took some time but are more common than the seal or the O-rings. I finally found a small industrial supply shop in southern San Diego county that was willing to order them for me. I had them in two days at a cost of just over $8 each.

Jabsco Pump Bearing-Seal Source
Bearing-Seal Source

If you decide to order these bearings, or the shaft seal, from this outfit here are the bearing part numbers:

Jabsco Engine Cooling Pump Parts Catalog

For original part numbers and descriptions pick up a copy of the Parts Catalog (PDF) by clicking HERE.

If you have questions about rebuilding your pump or sourcing parts leave a comment and we’ll see of we can help. Or, if you have any suggestions about rebuilding the Jabsco Engine Cooling Pump we’d love to hear them.

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  • September 9, 2019 at 11:52 am

    A quick update on the pump rebuild.
    I have many hours on this pump now and no problems. The seals are holding and no leaks! The parts show above are proving to be good replacements.


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