A Look At Boat Alarm Systems

Having a boat alarm system is a good idea, right? Keeping intruders off your boat is important. Thieves can cause a lot of damage. And people spend lots of attention to securing their boat from intruders.

But, the biggest threat to your boat and your possessions is not from people. It’s from the one threat that never stops trying to get in . . . water!

What’s Available Now

Mai Tai is an older boat that was never equipped with sensors to detect water intrusion or alarms to alert us. Of course we have bilge pumps with automatic switches. But, we simply have to trust that these systems will work when needed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an alert system? Something that lets you know what’s going on in your bilge before it becomes a critical problem?

Up until now alarm systems had to be hard wired into your boat. Which is a big, expensive job.

With the advent of blue-tooth technology adding a boat alarm system is something anyone can do in just a couple hours.

Example Of Blue-Tooth Boat Alarm System

I decided, after witnessing two boats sink at my dock, that I need to upgrade my water intrusion detection systems. What I found was truly impressive.

Boat Command Module

Boat Command Module

The beauty of these new devices is that they not only sound an alarm, don’t require extensive wiring and are amazingly small but they connect to the cloud. That enables them to gather information from your boat and send it directly to you. And, the information can be sent directly to your marina, or anyone else.

In fact, there are so many functions available that I can’t even list them all here. Just visit Boat Command’s or the sense4boat website to get all that info.


There are many reasons I love these new systems. They incorporate modern electronics, GPS and telecom to achieve a high level of control over the functions of your boat. All without costly equipment and time consuming installations.

Boat monitoring systems have arrived in the 21st century!

For the cost of a smart phone you can have piece of mind. Knowing what’s going on with your boat 24/7, 365. It’s time to take the leap and get it done.