Purpose Of The BetterBoating Website

Welcome to all mariners and dreamers! We built the BetterBoating.us website as a place to exchange inspirational stories, tips & tricks and life hacks to help mariners fulfill their dreams of adventure on the water.

We began with our own stories, trials and tribulations. Now, as this site grows we invite other mariners to share their stories and knowledge, too. Our experience is robust but by no means exhaustive.

The more information and perspectives the better served the community will be. Your level of experience is irrelevant. Weather you have lots of experience or little experience there will always be someone out there that will benefit from what you have to contribute.

So, don’t be shy. Speak up and contribute to the betterment of your fellow mariners. If you have specific questions about a subject contact us at [email protected]

We love talking boating!

And, if we don’t know the answer we know many, far more experienced mariners that we can tap for answers. Thank you for visiting, welcome and we wish you BetterBoating experiences.

Parting thought . . . “The more things change the more we need to rely on those things that Never change” Rabbi Daniel Lapin