Discover The Freedom Better Boating Provides

That’s what a ship is, you know, not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that’s what a ship needs but what a ship is – is freedom.”

Captain Jack Sparrow

Living The Dream

The dream of most boaters, if not all, is freedom. Breaking away from the crowd. To be on your own and be self reliant. To accept the challenge and be your own master.

Perhaps exploring the freedom and challenges cruising brings through our real life experiences. stories and adventures will inspire you to follow your dream. 

Whether that dream is to visit far away places . . .

Cruising to Channel Islands Harbor
Cruising to Channel Islands Harbor

Or visiting nearby ports . . .

Morro Bay Moon Rise
Morro Bay Moon Rise
Morro Bay Moon Rise

Whatever your dream is we hope you will find value in the stories and articles we share here. And that you will use this site to further your adventure into the world of boating. 

Boating Safety Resources

My first boating experiences were, to say the least, disasters waiting to happen. I would have had far better experiences if I’d taken a little time to learn the basics right up front. 

There’s no better place to get up to speed and probably have a way better time on the water than stopping by the U.S. Coast Guard website. They offer an array of courses including the American Boat Operators’ Course .

Or, you can check with your state office of boating and waterways. Many states are instituting license requirements which emphasize safety, rules of the road and boat handling. The information is helpful and may contribute to a happy and successful boating experience. Check out the California boating guidelines here.

Using What You Learn

After spending some time learning from these experts get out on the water and practice. There is no better teacher than experience. The more time spent on the water the more competent you will become and the more fun you and your passengers will have.

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